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Bill Sanders

Bill Sanders

Transformation Catalyst
Principal & Sr. Consultant / Roebling Strauss, Inc.

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Since his very first project assignment, Bill has sought to understand how to get a team aligned and committed to a common outcome in a very short period of time. He has over 20 years of broad based project management, marketing, and consulting experience covering industries as diverse as civil engineering, ecommerce, advertising and event management.

As a result, he’s gotten really good at developing organic project management frameworks, jump-starting new projects, aligning teams around a shared set of assumptions and deliverables, and realigning marketing and business operations to match evolving business models.
He has been successfully leading B2B and B2C digital projects since 1997 and has been privileged to work with brands such as Mattel, WebEx, Sprint, HP, Disney, Anheuser-Busch, Lipton, and Unilever. Bill was Vice-President, Director of Interactive Services & Project Management at Publicis Dialog SF, and was VP of Project Management at Real Branding.

In 2009 Bill started his own consultancy and since then the team at Roebling Strauss have delivered the above services for a diverse client list; dmg :: events (including ad:tech NA and ad:tech and iMedia London), Microsoft, CKR Interactive, General Mills, and PepsiCo to mention a few.

An avid motorcyclist and photographer, Bill likes to combine the two in the form of long distance touring.

Projects of Interest

  • Working with Brands and Agencies to streamline and simplify their operations and project management by developing custom project management frameworks.
  • Planning, running, or rescuing new, critical or high-risk projects. From digital ad campaigns, to website development, to custom events, we can provide the entire team necessary to plan, manage and deploy.
  • Creating and running custom education and thought-leadership events for your employees or clients. We provide turn-key events that include design, programming, content, speaker recruitment, sponsor recruitment, location scouting, marketing, and operations.