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Chris Noble

Chris Noble

Creative Catalyst

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I started my career running grassroots political campaigns at the state level across the US. That experience taught me that while I like organizing teams, I hate politics.

Switching over to high tech startups, I’ve led successful teams to develop new products and bring them to market for over 17 years.

I’m an executive at two different startups:

President of Affinity China, a private, membership-based platform that provides high-net-worth Chinese with access to unique luxury, lifestyle, and travel opportunities.

I’m also CEO of Causemedia Group, which includes StudioGood, Kompolt, Patron, and WhatGives!? Causemedia Group has run over 900 campaigns and raised more than $60 million for charity by bringing brands, celebrities, and nonprofits together with digital media. We’ve won awards, too (Mashable 2011). So that’s alright.

I’ve spoken on the topics of Startups, Fundraising, Cause Marketing, and Social Good in Social Media at SXSW (2011), Blogworld (2009, 2010, 2011), The Cause Marketing Forum (2010), Ignite Shanghai (2010), re:Think Hawaii (2010, 2011), Gravity Summit (2010), Web 2.0 (2009), NCVS 2011 and 2012, and other conferences.