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Dave Gray

Dave Gray

Creative Catalyst
Founder and CEO /

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Dave Gray works with executives to distill complex ideas, information and challenges into  compelling visual maps and stories that people can quickly understand.

He helps groups work together to visualize complex challenges, making them easier to see, share and solve, so they can discover opportunities for new products and services, clearly  explain complex business solutions, and reduce resistance to change initiatives.

Dave has authored two books on designing change and innovation.

His first book, Gamestorming, is a practical handbook for innovators and change agents. His second book, The Connected Company, is a strategic blueprint and roadmap for businesses who want to innovate and lead in the next century.

Dave is the founder of XPLANE, the visual thinking company, which was acquired by the Dachis Group in 2010. Dave is also a founding member of VizThink, an international community of Visual Thinkers, and serves on several advisory boards.

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