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Today’s markets are more connected and complicated than ever before. The impact of digital technology has not only changed how we create value, but what we value. How customers make purchase decisions through the influence of their peers makes it more difficult to get their attention and earn their trust, even more so than a share of their wallet.

This new world not only requires a change in marketing strategy, but a change across all aspects of operations. It also requires a new mindset. These new customer strategies and operating principles have come to be known collectively as Social Business. Whatever you may call it, it is clear that a massive transformation of our economy, society and culture is well under way.

It’s abundantly clear that most businesses are failing to keep up with the market changes, and many business leaders are ill-prepared to lead their companies into this connected, socially empowered future.

This is where the Catalysts of AdHocnium can provide the greatest value, empowering executive leaders of global brands with the education, insights and innovative ideas necessary to be market leaders today, and into the future.

Our network of leading strategists and entrepreneurs help you understand the perils and opportunities of this increasingly complicated, connected and real time market. Our focus on days instead of multiple month long projects provides just the right sort of chemistry you need to undertake this transformation on your own. Whether you are changing how you engage customers with smart marketing or hacking your culture to improve employee retention / happiness, our network has the experience and creativity you need to succeed.

There are a wide variety of projects we undertake that enable our clients to transform their strategy and operations to become a social business. This includes:

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AdHocnium is a network of industry leading strategists, authors, and entrepreneurs who have come together to form this ad-hoc network for mutual benefit. Bound together through trust and mutual respect, AdHocnium is often described as a sort of “Consultants” bureau, akin to a more traditional speaker’s bureau.

Unlike traditional consultancies, we aren’t seeking to spend 12 weeks on a powerpoint presentation, but rather 1-2 intense days working with you side by side to bring decades of experience and creative insights to solving your most pressing problems. Whether it’s changing your culture, or becoming more relevant with your market, or choosing the right software based on your requirements or creating the stories that will align your entire company, investing in our catalysts is the best consulting money you will ever spend.

The catalysts of AdHocnium come from diverse backgrounds but share a common mindset and set of beliefs, born from years of experience on the edge of the great restructuring. We are not merely peddlers of advice but industry leaders with a vast amount of experience as practitioners, entrepreneurs and visionaries. They have worked closely with startups and the world’s largest brands, charting their course for growth during times of boom and bust.


We empower executives to seize competitive advantage by transforming their organization’s into Social Business’. With decades of experience on the leading edge of disruption, we have guided many of the largest organizations around the world through turbulent times. We have enabled them to seize opportunities and avoid catastrophes.

We have also built the companies, technologies and platforms that have caused the very disruptions you now face. Now we are working together to solve your toughest problems around growing revenues, seizing market share, improving customer experience, creating collaborative cultures, expanding your view of what’s possible, educating leadership on emerging trends and transforming how you operate your business.

Our clients are the senior executives in the world’s leading brands. They are Fortune 2000 leaders and well funded startups. They come from the c-suite, from division leadership, from country leadership and even product management or marketing. As diverse as our network and our eclectic musical tastes, we serve all industries and all focus areas of operations. How? Because we are a network of the best and brightest Social Business minds in the world, not an agency with traditional overhead.

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