The World is Changing, Most Companies Aren’t Keeping Up

Posted on 09 Jun 2013 in Thoughts | Comments Off on The World is Changing, Most Companies Aren’t Keeping Up

Today’s markets are more connected and complicated than ever before. The impact of digital technology has not only changed how we create value, but what we value. How customers make purchase decisions, influenced by their friends and familiar strangers, makes it more difficult to get their attention and earn their trust, not to mention the challenge of earning a share of their wallet.

This new world not only requires a change in marketing strategy, but a change across all aspects of operations. It also requires a new mindset and a new set of strategies for navigating the business landscape. A massive transformation of our economy, society and culture is well under way changing nearly every aspect of what we have come to hold as our world view.

It’s now abundantly clear that most businesses are failing to keep up with these changes in the market, and many business leaders are ill-prepared to lead their companies into this connected, socially empowered future. Worse, many are reluctant to change, lest they move into a new paradigm or technology trend too quickly, having been previously burned through prior business cycles by adopting immature technology or placing their bets in the wrong place. This problem is even worse amongst the middle management who are headed towards extinction and clinging to relevancy with every ounce of their bodies.

But change is exactly what most large organizations need most today, despite the reluctance and fear. As society has become more connected through digital and social media, businesses of all size are trying to become connected companies. Unfortunately, they are failing at it miserably, with most leaders out of touch with the cultural shift that is required to realize the full benefits from Social Business principles, technologies and tactics. While many are deploying enterprise social networks to create this connectivity, their systems of compensation and rewards are grossly misaligned, often times discouraging the very collaboration they seek to create.

Meanwhile, thought leaders the world over are still trying to get executives to focus on providing real value to customers instead of maximizing the profitability of each transaction. Many companies have yet to realize the value of great customer relationships, and most still do not understand why customer lifetime value matters at all. They continue to push messages into the heads of consumers through traditional advertising techniques, unsure how to embrace engagement strategies that create more meaningful, intentional interactions that lead to deeper loyalty.

This is the focus of AdHocnium. To enable and empower global businesses to understand, embrace and enact the policies and practices that will make them truly Social Businesses.

Social Business is a much deeper and broader concept than what it’s name and general reputation may imply. As business process reengineering focused on creating bottom line business results through improving consistency and quality of outputs through a standardization of business processes, Social Business finds similar performance improvements. Instead of focusing on the most common processes however, Social Business is about empowering the people within an organization with social tools that enable them to manage the exceptions as well as the rules. More importantly, it’s about bringing the the human element back to business, because the old adage doesn’t apply any more.

Today it’s personal, and its business too.

This is what the soon to be announced network of AdHocnium Catalysts inherently understand. It’s what we will help you understand when you hire our network to transform your business. You can no longer afford to wait for the world to validate innovative new ways to create value through social technology. It’s not a fad, it’s a vision for a better way to work being realized at companies of all sizes all around the world. So contact us today to find the insights and inspiration you need to change and seize the opportunities that being a Social Business provides.