BRACE Yourself, For True Innovation

Posted on 08 Mar 2018 in Ecosystem Thinking, Social Business | Comments Off on BRACE Yourself, For True Innovation

Beginning with the end in mind, let me put this insight into context for you. BRACE Yourself, in the lead role of Ecosystem Thinking’s Change Agent Mantra is hiding an acronym which I will share with you in this post, where the last letter E stands for Empathy. I contend it is the single most important value […]

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What is Ecosystem Thinking?

Posted on 01 Jan 2018 in Ecosystem Thinking | Comments Off on What is Ecosystem Thinking?

It seems everywhere I go, everyone is talking about the importance, value and nature of the ecosystem.  It’s especially poignant as I am once again in the middle of one of the most active technology ecosystems in the world, working as a mentor again this week in Google’s Launchpad Accelerator program. In fact, the broader purpose […]

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#REORG Everything!

Posted on 01 Mar 2016 in Adaptive Economy, Conference Coverage, Ecosystem Thinking, REORG, Social Business | Comments Off on #REORG Everything!

#Reorg Everything: My Talentnet Keynote What is the Adaptive Economy? Why do we need to #Reorg? What should be our focus? Here’s the premise as I outlined in my keynote at Talentnet… The pace of change isn’t just fast, it’s accelerating. So many things are changing that we can no longer look at a single facet as […]

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Social Business Isn’t Dead, It’s…

Posted on 01 May 2015 in Adaptive Economy, Ecosystem Thinking, Engagement, Social Business | Comments Off on Social Business Isn’t Dead, It’s…

Here at IBM Connect 2014 in Orlando this week I’ve had a epiphany. Or perhaps, I should say that I have actually come to face the facts I have long known to be true, yet tried to forget. Or rather, I tried to ignore the facts by imbuing my support for the bigger idea that is Social […]

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