AdHocnium’s Weekly Review, July 1-8th 2013

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With the fizzle of Independence Day fireworks comes the conclusion of another week in the AdHocnium network, with highlights and stories from the world of social and digital business.

This week marks big news from AdHocnium’s founder Chris Heuer, as he has decided to step down from his position of Chairman at Social Media Club to focus on growing AdHocnium and developing his new software company. With 300 local chapters and a global reach of over 500,000, Social Media Club will continue to operate and grow as Chris and his wife Kristie have decided “to step away from the day-to-day operation of this organization, release [their] seats on the Board of Directors, and move into an advisory role in Social Media Club.”  The global non-profit provided him with a wealth of experience in community management, cultural nuances of social media usage and an incredible network of influencers from different parts of the world.

In reference to Independence Day, last week’s Catalytic Podcast focused on the idea of Freedom of Choice, and discussed the consequences of individuals being able to choose to be freelancers rather than serving as employees. There are some positives and negatives on the path to independence, and our Catalysts discuss the issue at length from the perspective of employers and those seeking freedom from workplace restrictions.

Catalyst Shel Holtz was quoted in an MSNBC article that discussed the relationship between social media and the growing civil unrest in Egypt. He asserts that Facebook became “the rallying place” for civil leaders who hoped to avoid “any kind of spin that a government controlled media outlet may want to put on it.”

Holtz promoted the iConsumerism panel at Imperial College London with co-host Neville Hobson discussing the necessity for brands to adapt to the digital age. “Three foundational questions were at the heart of the discussion: Are brands adapting to a digital world? Does the High Street have a future? Do consumers even care?” Listen to the full conversation and read associated articles at Holtz Communication + Technology. Also be sure to check out the Holtz Daily for further reading.

This week, Maz Nadjm was invited to speak at the IBC conference, a gathering of more than 50,000 creative, business, and technical professionals from more than 160 countries. We look forward to hearing his upcoming talk, and tracking the progress of social media in the business world throughout the conference. To read more of Maz’s thoughts and commentary, read his daily collection of articles and thoughts.

Overall, this week was a week of preparation for the future. Chris explains that his departure from Social Media Club will allow him to focus more of his time and resources on his current projects, and Holtz’ work with the iConsumerism panel served to underscore the necessity for remaining current in the digital age. Modernization and optimization go hand in hand in today’s business world, and looking to the future can clarify the present. With Maz’ upcoming talk at IBC and Chris’ soon to be announced startup, the future holds many new developments for AdHocnium’s network.

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