AdHocnium’s Weekly Review, June 24th-July 1st 2013

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This is the first of many AdHocnium Weekly Reviews, where we take a look at the various activities of the AdHocnium Catalysts and highlight the top stories and memes from the last week in the world of social business and digital media.

AdHocnium Founder Chris Heuer spoke at the PRSA Digital Impact conference in New York City on Thursday, talking about how switching from marketing to market engagement is the best way to earn trust, win wallets, and seize market leadership. His presentation revolved around the principle of developing real relationships with customers by helping them be successful on their unique journey. “Your intention shifts everything, and ultimately the concern for others shifts their concern for you, earning you their trust, and ultimately a great share of their wallet over a longer period of time.” See the full storify of his presentation for tweets made during his session and further commentary.

Also,  there was a profile article on Chris Heuer and AdHocnium written on  The Hub which details Chris’ perspective on being a “contextualizer” and the complexities of doing business in our modern social media.

This has also been a very productive week for AdHocnium with the launch of a new web site that better represents the Catalysts in the network and explains our services.  We also released the second episode of the Catalytic Podcast in which we discussed Value Based Billing. The conversation was recorded with Hank Wasiak, Redg Snodgrass, Shel Holtz, Bill Sanders, and Chris Heuer. Download our podcast here.

AdHocnium has recently started publishing a Flipboard Magazine entitled “Ripples and Reactions from AdHocnium’s Catalysts”, accessible from the Flipboard app, where we will share the many interesting posts and activities from AdHocnium and our Catalysts. You can find the magazine through a quick in app search, and subscribe to a collection of articles and ideas focused on building, improving and supporting your social business.

AdHocnium’s Peter Shankman spoke on CNN this week regarding the recent focus on Paula Deen’s advertising losses as a result of her unsavory comments, saying that “she needs to go away for a while” in order to save face. Watch the full interview on CNN.

Shel Holtz has been busy updating his blog “Holtz Communication + Technology” with a variety of interviews and commentaries on social business. One of the most striking interviews discussed how training employees’ social media skills has the potential to create meaningful results. Despite this, 30%-42% of companies continue to block employee access to social media. Read the full article for more.

Shel also commented on the recent IABC International Conference’s Monday “general session” panel on dealing with online attacks. As Shel states, “it turned out to be an object lesson in why organizations continue to need the guidance of a senior social media adviser.” There is still a deficiency in understanding the scale of benefits that social media proficiency can have for modern companies.

Overall, this week was a week of raising awareness for the many merits of harnessing the power of people in social business. Chris and Shel emphasized the very tangible benefits of promoting social businesses, citing consumer base growth and higher profit margins as key benefits of adopting a more social approach. Furthermore, Peter’s discussion on how to deal with negative press tied in nicely with Shel’s article on IABC’s social-awareness shortfalls, as both heralded social-marketing as an antidote for bad press. Clearly, several key events this week point to the merits of social media, and members of the AdHocnium network continue to speak to its many facets.

This is only a taste of the many interesting thoughts from the AdHocnium Catalyst Network this week. For further reading from our Catalysts, be sure to check out AdHocnium’s twitter page, the Catalyst’s twitter list, and our new Flipbook magazine.