Seven New Catalysts Join AdHocnium’s Network of All-Star Social Business Consultants

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It’s been just about six weeks since the launch of AdHocnium and our catalysts have been busy learning from each other, producing podcasts, and refining how we work together. In that time, we’ve received both validation and interest from potential clients as well as other top leaders in the social business and corporate strategy spaces.

We really hadn’t planned on expanding the network so quickly, but given the quality of people who expressed an interest, we are very excited to announce the addition of seven new catalysts that have joined our “all-star” network of social business strategists.

The New AdHocnium Catalysts Include:

Ayelet Baron, Simplifying Work

Joins the network as a Strategy Catalyst. As a frequent keynote speaker and the former VP of Strategy & Transformation at Cisco Canada, she is an expert in business strategy, change management, employee engagement, social business and online communities. After hearing her talk on Uncommon Sense, and the lack thereof in most businesses today, it was clear that we were aligned in our pursuit of fixing what is broken with work today.

Carrie Young,

Carries joins us as a collaborative catalyst after building and launching Socialcast, one of the leading Enterprise Social Networks (acquired by VMware in 2011). She brings rich experience and deep insights to empower enterprises to not only deploy, but adopt and gain value from ESN’s. She has perhaps the most experience of any consultant in this space on this topic. If you have deployed an ESN, but are not gaining full value from it, you need to talk to Carrie.

Dave Gray, Liminl LLC

Dave Gray is an industry leader well known for his pioneering work in visual communications. He works with executives to distill complex ideas, information and challenges into  compelling visual maps and stories that people can quickly understand. He helps groups work together to visualize complex challenges, making them easier to see, share and solve, so they can discover opportunities for new products and services, clearly  explain complex business solutions, and reduce resistance to change initiatives.

Jesus Hoyos, Solvis Consulting LLC

Jesús joins us an engagement catalyst, providing vast Social CRM experience with multinational engagements with deep expertise in Latin American markets. As a partner and co-founder of Solvis Consulting, Jesús Hoyos has over 22 years of experience providing leadership in the execution of Customer Relationship Management initiatives. Throughout his career he has assisted clients, vendors, and team members with business processes, requirements, project management, quality assurance, business cases and best practices. He has also helped lead the expansion of the non-profit Social Media Club throughout Mexico and Latin America, educating other consultants and big companies on how to leverage and benefit from social media for their businesses.

Richard Titus,

Richard joins AdHocnium as a strategy and engagement catalyst with a wealth of knowledge, experience and connections across the globe. He was one of the co-founders of the very successful agencies Razorfish & Schematic and more recently saas platform  He is a serial entrepreneur, investor and strategic advisor to a variety of firms in Europe, Latin America and the US. Richards was also the executive producer of the Sundance Feature film winners On_line and Who Killed the Electric Car? Ever in pursuit of great ideas and connections with great people, Richard has exceptional vision and a knack for storytelling that is an invaluable asset for the clients and companies he supports.

Michael Bagalman, Paradox Resolution LLC

Michael joins us as a strategy catalyst, solving business problems through the creative and practical application of math, data, and logic. He is founder and CEO of Paradox Resolution LLC where he works with firms ranging from small eCommerce sites to Fortune 500 companies. As the field of data science becomes increasingly specialized among sub-disciplines, Michael stubbornly remains a generalist; he develops solutions by combining Big Data, consumer surveys, social media analysis, financial reports, and other sources of data into a unified and coherent point of view. Recently, Michael has begun to break new ground in measuring engagement, an area of high interest for leading Social Business’ around the world.

Jai Decker, DrivenTide

Jai joins AdHocnium as a social strategy catalyst with experience in advertising, branding, media planning and social media strategy for Fortune 500 companies and start-ups all over the world. He enjoys working with customers who are looking to maximize or begin digital marketing campaigns using SEM, social media and/or mobile channels and with companies to develop scalable business goals, performance benchmarks and strategies to meet them. Jai focused on results driven outcomes in all he does, making him an invaluable assets to clients concerned with KPI’s and measuring the metrics that really matter.

The AdHocnium network of Catalysts now includes 24 of the world’s leading social business strategists and practitioners with backgrounds in all key areas of operational impact. This expands our ability to serve an even greater number of industries and functional areas in their efforts to transform into social businesses. While many consulting firms claim to have the capability of providing the right team for a client’s specific needs, none to our knowledge have the breadth and depth of experience that we can bring to empower leaders of Global 2000 companies to transform, develop new strategies and embrace the power of social technologies for delivering bottom line results.

More Than Consulting, Building Communities as Well as Business

As we are fortunate to work with real change agents, disruptors and innovators, we are very excited to officially announce the formation of The Valley Innovation Group. The Valley Innovation Group is an exclusive community for executives in Silicon Valley tasked with leading innovation labs / programs on behalf major brands.

The mission of this new community is to encourage knowledge sharing and networking that  advances the field of innovation. By bringing together innovation leaders from big brands who are facing similar challenges and striving to seize similar opportunities, everyone benefits. If you are leading an Innovation program in Silicon Valley on behalf of a big brand, please submit a request to join our network on LinkedIn.

We will have a lot more exciting announcements to come over the weeks and months ahead. But in the meantime, stay abreast of key social business insights and news from our Catalysts by subscribing to our Flipboard Magazine, listening to our weekly Podcasts, reading our weekly blog recaps or following us on Twitter.