We are more then guns for hire, we seek to be true partners, providing fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to complex challenges. The primary objective of our consulting is to develop unique strategies that empower you to strengthen stakeholder relationships and co-create value with customers, partners and employees. Our client interactions go beyond the financial concern for each project, instead we focus on transformational results that create impact both personally and professionally.

Since the dawn of the commercial Internet revolution, we have built many of the companies, technologies and platforms that are at the foundation of the world we now inhabit. This has lead us to a more enlightened approach to marketing which extends into product and partner strategies as much as it does delivering a differentiated customer experience.

Our clients are the senior executives in the world’s leading companies. They are entrepreneurial minded leaders from funded  startups and Global 2000 brands. They are seeking enlightened ways to achieve market success in our connected society. They are household names, innovative B2B companies, regulated industries and disruptive startups changing the world. The common thread? A belief that we know better and it is time for us to do better instead of suffering through the status quo.

A Few of Our Past and Current Clients:

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