Today’s markets are more connected and complicated than ever before. The impact of digital technology has not only changed how we create value, but what we value. How customers make purchase decisions through the influence of their peers makes it more difficult to get their attention and earn their trust, even more so then a share of their wallet.

This new world not only requires a change in marketing strategy, but a change across all aspects of operations. It also requires a new mindset. These new customer strategies and operating principles are part of what some call Social Business. Whatever you may call it, it is clear that a massive transformation of our economy, society and culture is well under way.

The nature of business itself is growing more complex and moving faster in a time where we, and especially our customers, crave greater simplicity. As a result, most businesses are failing to keep up with the market changes, and the transactional approach to business is no longer sufficient.

This is where the Catalysts of AdHocnium can provide the greatest value, empowering business leaders  with the mindsets, methods and measures necessary to be market leaders today, and into the future. For true success, we must look beyond the bottom line and a focus on customer centricity.  We need to expand our aperture to look more closely at the strength and quantity of all relationships our organization maintains with all stakeholders.

Lead by our approach to Ecosystem Thinking, which combines systems design, design thinking and engagement strategy, our network of leading strategists and entrepreneurs help you seize the  opportunities and avoid many of the perils in the world today. Whether you are seeking to transform your marketing strategy, strengthen your brand’s narrative, remove friction from the customer experience, build a more enlightened ecosystem or simply understand how to think about this new world, we have the people and the experience to empower you to succeed.

There are a wide variety of services we provide in this realm. Our primary focus includes:

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